Karlovy Vary


Karlovy Vary is the most famous resort of Czech Republic. Tourists and residents adore it for the unique architecture. It gives residents and visitors soothing atmosphere of calm and comfort.

The city is known primarily for its twelve mineral springs with healing water. Recognition of the world was brought to Carlsbad by cooking “Becherovka” mineral water “Mattoni”, Moser crystal, Carlsbad wafers.

The distance from Prague to Karlovy Vary is 127 km , can be reached by road E48 R6. Rent a car in Prague is famous for affordable prices and good selection. You can enjoy beautiful forests in the fall when the leaves turn yellow and fall off. In spring and summer there are many living creatures running around, and the eye is indulges by greens. Between the capital and the resort there is a brewery in the city of Krušovice, which should not be missed. Near Karlovy Vary there are plenty of attractions that you should definitely visit:

  • Monastery of Teplá in the Karlovy Vary region. It was was build during the Third Crusade. It was built by Czech nobleman Hroznata in 1193. He became its abbot and was engaged in the development. Once he was caught by robbers and they demanded a ransom, but he forbade to pay and died in prison. Subsequently, he was canonized by the church;
  • observation tower with “Aberg”, which is located on Mount Doubská you can see Krusne mountains and Doupov Mountains, Slavskii forest and Angel Mountain castle and Goethe Tower;
  • Fortress Bečov nad Teplou. It was built as a farm building in which people had to pay taxes to the state treasury, as well as protection against enemies in the 1300s. Over the years it has become a unique monument of architecture. Especially I want to highlight the chapel of apparitions of the Virgin Mary. It was decorated with frescoes of the fifteenth century. In this castle built by the reliquary of St. Moor, which was made in the eleventh century for the preservation of the relics of John the Baptist, St. Timothy and St. Moor;
  • Loket Castle is located near Karlovy Vary. This was a hunting residence of the kings of the Luxembourg dynasty. The first mention of the castle dates back to the thirteenth century, and the builder is unknown. In Loket one of the best James Bond movies was filmed, the XXI century‘s “Casino Royale”. After visiting the castle and the end of it the cultural program try to visit Svatošské rocks. It is located 6 km from Loket and represent a high stone pillars. These rocks are favorite place of local climbers.