Where to go?



Netherlands is a small, but full of amazing sights country. Its capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam – a city with unique architecture, built on channels. A boat trip allows you to see all the architectural buildings in the center. And in the evening for the visitors opened numerous cafes, shops with original range. Walk down the street and the Red Light District will be spicy and informative tour member. For daytime visit museums Van Gogh and Rembrandt, a great Maritime Museum and a children’s interactive museum Nemo. You can experience a breathtaking Dutch province, a tour of the small village. […]


Italy – a country of Milanese fashion, Ferrari and Lamborghini, juicy pizza with mozzarella, prosciutto cotto and Parma, lasagna, caprese, carbonara with parmesan and pasta with delicious seafood, delicious wines and olive groves. It is definitily worth a visit just because of Rome and Colosseum, which is more than three thousand years old. Every city in Italy can rightly be considered a museum! In Italy, the entertainment is available all year round: skiing in winter and in summer the warm Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea or charming lakes in Northern Italy! Throughout the year it is open to mods and […]


Austria is one of the most developed European countries, it is in the heart of Europe, at the crossroads of important transport routes. Home to many talented and famous people such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss and Ludwig van Beethoven. Amazing Vienna, delightful Salzburg, self-sufficient Graz, Linz, Innsbruck. Austria is one of the richest countries in the world for GDP per capita. It is about 46,000 dollars per person. Most of the territory is occupied by the Austrian Alps. Austrians are the most successful in the world of skiers and skiing resorts have appropriate status as well. […]


Brno – the second largest city in Czech Republic. Center of science and education ,a branch of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno University of Technology, and Masaryk University are based here. The main architectural monuments of the of Brno are located in the historic center of the city. The Gothic Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul Church of St. Jacob with the Ossuary, the second in Europe after Paris, where the remains of the city patrons Saints Constantine and Primitivusa are held and Gothic Old and New Town Hall. Most of the buildings were built in Baroque and Renaissance […]
Франтишкови Лазне

Frantiskovy Lazne

Frantiskovy Lazne – the third largest spa town in Czech Republic, geographically located in the Ore Mountains in the Karlovy Vary region, near the town of Cheb, near the Germany border. Exist as a spa resort, based on Cheb iron-alkaline springs since 182 (there are 24 of them). Water carbonic acid, sodium chloride are also distinguished by the presence of iron. It is popular as a health resort. People come here to treat diseases of gynecology, cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the genitourinary system. Procedures – baths, inhalations, mineral water is also used to treat ferrous peat. The […]

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov the town of Southern Bohemia in Czech Republic. The historic center of the city in was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. It is one of the most popular tourist centers in Czech Republic. Cesky Krumlov is rich in attractions: Krumlov castle – the second largest castle in Czech Republic after Prague Castle. The total area of ​​buildings with a park of 10 hectares. Frustrating, mainly, from the XVI to XVII Century; Whipcord bridge was built in 1767 and is a three-storey transition between the residential part of the castle, garden and theater; Church of […]
Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne (Marienbad ) – a resort town, which is located in the West Bohemia. It is a health resort due to the presence here of cold mineral water springs, which have healing properties. The town is located on a hill. Exquisite nature, hills covered with trees and bushes surround the town on all sides, and the architecture of the Middle Ages it fills charming and indescribable atmosphere. The resort is located on the territory of the forest reserve Slavsko, at over 500 meters above sea level. In Marianske Lazne sent to the tourists who want to cure diseases of […]

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is the most famous resort of Czech Republic. Tourists and residents adore it for the unique architecture. It gives residents and visitors soothing atmosphere of calm and comfort. The city is known primarily for its twelve mineral springs with healing water. Recognition of the world was brought to Carlsbad by cooking “Becherovka” mineral water “Mattoni”, Moser crystal, Carlsbad wafers. The distance from Prague to Karlovy Vary is 127 km , can be reached by road E48 R6. Rent a car in Prague is famous for affordable prices and good selection. You can enjoy beautiful forests in the fall […]